Podalogue Episode 1


Welcome to the TeamMan.ca Podalogue Episode 1! It’s a Podcast Monologue! In our inaugural episode, Leonard Park and Jordan Waldman talk about satire news and journalism, performance enhancing drugs in sports and hipster alcohol.

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Free Microsoft Games

Free Games

Who loves FREE GAMES?  Everyone.

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Pickem Palooza


Welcome to the TeamMan.ca 3rd Annual Super Bowl Prop Best Pick’em Palooza! Every year, we get together to watch the Super Bowl, but make things more interesting.  

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The Case for Clara

Clara Hughes and Michael Phelps

Why Clara Hughes is a better Olympian than Michael Phelps Let me preface this article by saying that Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletes that ever lived. His swimming accomplishments are second to none, and his competitive attitude has made him the best swimmer our world has ever seen. But he’s not the […]

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TeamMan NFL Survivor Pool

NFL Survivor Pool

Welcome to The TeamMan.ca NFL Survivor Pool -where the stakes are literally steaks (and wings and beer). Rules: 1)  You select 1 team to win (no point spread, straight wins only).  If your team wins, you continue. If your team loses, you are out. 2)  You are not allowed to choose the same team twice. […]

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2003. Great Draft or Greatest Draft?

2003 NHL Prospects

Anyone who knows me knows I am a draft junkie.  My favorite time every year in sports is not the beginning of a season, not the championship game, but the day when teams draft pimple faced teenagers as their new stars.  There is something about the mixture of stats, talent and hope that gets my […]

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Luongo to Leafland

Roberto Luongo

Luongo to Leafland? Less than likely. And that doesn’t adequately relate how much this is not going to happen. Really, come on now Leaf fans. Pull your heads out of the clouds for a second and consider both reality AND what is best for the team. Before I continue smacking your dream around like it’s […]

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The Value of Higher Education


On Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 3:09am a letter was posted on Facebook by Daniel Weinstock [editors note: TeamMan.ca does not know Daniel Weinstock] regarding the demonstrations in Montreal and the turmoil in the province of Quebec.  The letter caused a raging debate for TeamMan.ca and the following is the transcript in full. Transcript: JP:  There’s no […]

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Why I Don’t Give Homework


You might be surprised to find a teacher who doesn’t assign homework. Well, now you’ve found one. The following is a list of reasons I have as to why assigning homework does more bad than good. I’ll begin with a brief history of homework to frame the discussion and conclude with my responses to typical […]

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Shea Weber’s Fine and the Culture of Playoff Hockey


Several weeks ago I wrote this article outlining a few glaring examples of inconsistency from the NHL’s watchdog. I ended the article by saying that I respected the fact the league was finally taking player safety seriously, and that despite the questions and inconsistencies to day Brendan Shanahan was moving in the right direction.  What transpired […]

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